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Promote Bible Reading

BibleNets are networks of participants and volunteers promoting Bible reading in their communities and congregations.

You can participate at the individual level, at the congregational level, or at the community level. For more information on volunteer possibilities, please see the Volunteer section.

How you participate is up to you. Think about getting your congregation involved, or your civic organization. Start reading Bible stories to your grandchild, niece, or nephew. Talk to others at work about forming a Bible Reading Group over the lunch hour. (Guidelines and tips available on request.) BibleNets are for your particular community at this particular time. We hope you find one or more ways to be involved.

Read the Bible Each Day
The DailyBible Email offers members a way to read the Bible daily by reading their email. Suddenly, Bible reading can be simple!

Bible Storytellers
Everybody likes to hear a story! Bible Storytellers let children, adults, and older adults enjoy the stories of the Bible, and are an integral part of community BibleNets.

Serve as a Bible Reading Mentor
Since Bible reading can be daunting, Bible Reading Mentors lend a hand to readers in their own congregations who are just beginning to explore the Bible, or who want to read more consistently. They are an important part of community BibleNets.

Bookstores Selling Bibles
Always wondered where to buy a Bible in your area? Our list includes store addresses, hours, versions stocked, and payment types accepted.

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